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Tile glue mortar production line Huangang Heavy Industry to take you to know:

Release Date : 2023-08-30View : 387times
Ceramic tile glue production equipment, also known as ceramic tile glue production line, after years of experience improvement, especially for ceramic tile glue and sales of a new generation of ceramic tile glue equipment, large output, good finished products, the machine reference integration of various mixers working principle and technology design, its typical use is to adapt to the current paint industry, It is suitable for the production of masonry mortar, thin layer lubricated wall mortar, hand coated floor mortar, color finish mortar, water mortar, plaster plaster, wall plaster mortar, tile paste mortar, self-leveling mortar, thermal insulation mortar and other products, and has the function of shaping.

Performance Characteristics:

1, high production efficiency: set a variety of mixed modes in one, deep cavity rotor optimized design, so that the material volume increased by about 30%, the output is also continuously improved;

2, long service life: the service life of the whole machine is increased by more than 40%, reduce daily fault maintenance, increase the durability of the equipment, more cost savings, improve efficiency;

3, environmental protection in place: the use of deep chamber mixing bin, reduce dust pollution; At the same time, the selection of good exhaust system + high efficiency dust removal equipment, multiple functions, so that dust pollution can be more reasonable and effective control; In addition, the equipment runs smoothly, reduces body vibration, and the start-up and operation noise is better controlled within the scope of environmental protection standards.

4, the finished product is good: after processing, the tile glue and grade are reasonable, and the use value has been better improved;

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