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Qingdao Huangang equipment over the years to pay attention to the customer's pre-sales and after-sales service, to provide users with satisfactory solutions, quality products and perfect after-sales, is the consistent pursuit of Qingdao Huangang equipment, in order to win the satisfaction of every customer.

Optimization design:We patiently communicate with users, understand their actual needs, and provide them with high-quality design solutions.

Long term guarantee for spare parts: We guarantee to provide users with at least 10 years of spare parts service to avoid equipment idleness caused by aging of equipment components.

Equipment upgrade and transformation: We fully consider the new needs of users in the process of enterprise development, such as production capacity and energy conservation, and provide you with new transformation plans to save your funds.

Operation training service: When the equipment is delivered, we will provide comprehensive equipment use, maintenance, and simple repair training services for your employees, and provide written documents to avoid equipment downtime caused by employee turnover.

1、 Pre sale:

Contact customers and establish customer profiles. Introduce the technology and equipment related to our factory, understand user needs, recommend corresponding equipment, implement relevant technical preparations, and improve technical parameters.

2、 On sale:

Synchronize and coordinate user engineering progress with equipment manufacturing. Provide users with relevant drawings, technical data, and coordinate the installation and construction of user equipment.

3、 After sales:
① Send employees to the user unit for guidance on installation, responsible for debugging until delivery for use.
② Responsible for training user related personnel on operation and maintenance skills.
③ Provide long-term high-quality and affordable spare parts.
④ The warranty period of the equipment is one year. If the equipment is damaged due to quality issues within one year after acceptance, we are responsible for free maintenance. If the malfunction is caused by improper operation, a production cost will be charged, and a 48 hour service repair will be implemented, which means answering the user's questions within 24 hours of receiving the user's message. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, rush to the user's site within the next 24 hours to resolve the issue.

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