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Qingdao Huangang Equipment Technology Co., LTD. is a company engaged in the design, development, processing, manufacturing, and sales service integration of dry mix (powder) mortar production lines, special mortar production equipment, putty powder production lines, gypsum mortar equipment, and mortar construction equipment.

The company focuses on technological research and development, technical services, professional design, and professional services, creating a non-standard customized manufacturer of special mortar putty equipment with technology and services as the core.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principles of technology and people-oriented development, as well as the principle of honesty and pursuit of excellence; Adhere to the style of keeping up with the times, exploring and innovating, and the management philosophy of simplicity, efficiency, and execution. Qingdao Huangang Equipment Technology Co., LTD. has worked closely with a number of European companies and scientific research institutions in the same industry, and has developed a complete set of mortar production line equipment with advanced technology and years of practical experience in Europe.

Harbor circumferential equipment always regards product quality and service as the foundation of the company's survival. During the production process, quality is strictly controlled, and important components are made of international brands to ensure the provision of high-quality and reliable equipment to customers. In terms of product service, the interests of customers are our goal, and our service pursues refinement. From pre-sales product consultation and enthusiastic service to technical support during and after sales, we all require precision and refinement.

Powerful design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, regular follow-up, strict quality assurance, and fast and effective after-sales service have been meticulously arranged in each link, solving a series of customer concerns.

Sincere service creates eternity, and Harbor circumferential equipment provides you with full service!

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