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Dry mortar mixer/mixer

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Release Date : 2024-03-06
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The non-gravity mixer is mainly suitable for the mixing of dry, non-viscous powder, and can also be used for the mixing of two or more materials with a wide gap in density and particle size. Mixing is an important link in the production process of dry mortar. With the innovation of technology, our company has developed a new dual-axis, single-axis blade gravity mixer.
1, mixing fast, good uniformity. The material can be fully turned evenly in about 180 seconds.
2, the hydraulic big door residual less, the unique door structure can make the material in 10 seconds to complete unloading, mixing process without leakage.
3, the use of industrial gear box instead of the traditional chain drive. Smooth operation, no vibration supply, easy maintenance.
4, replaceable wear blade and packing box wear sleeve, to ensure the production of mortar 300,000 tons without replacing the blade.
 mortar mixer Shaft end seal

The structure of mechanical seal and pneumatic seal is combined to ensure that the shaft end is well sealed, and no oil penetrates into the main engine during the mixing process.

 mortar mixer Transmission

Adopt direct transmission mode installation, low noise, long service life.

 mortar mixer Premix device

Aggregate and powder are concentrated into the mixer to improve the mixing efficiency and mixing effect.

 mortar mixer Big door unloading device

Fast discharge speed, no residue. Production of a variety of mortar without cleaning the main engine, improve production efficiency.

 mortar mixer On-line sampling device

It is convenient to test the quality of mortar in the production process and improve the quality of mortar.

 mortar mixer Hydraulic Discharge System

The hydraulic unloading system is equipped with a manual door opening device, which can be opened manually in the case of power failure.

 mortar mixer Knife device

Using the high-speed rotation of the flying knife, the flocculent additives in the mortar can be broken up to improve the quality of the mortar.

 mortar mixer Safety devices

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