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Special mortar production line
Annual output of 150,000 tons of cement self-leveling mortar equipment

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Release Date : 2024-03-06
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Cement self-leveling is a green environmental protection product with high scientific and technological content and complex technical links. It is a dry mix powder material composed of a variety of active ingredients, widely used, can be used in industrial plants, workshops, warehousing, business all kinds of open space, office, etc., but also for home warm small space, etc., can be used as a decorative surface layer, can also be used as a wear-resistant base.

After years of accumulated experience, the new generation of cement self-leveling mortar production line developed by our company can adapt to the measurement and mixing of various raw materials, including vitrified microbeads, lignin fiber, construction glue powder, polystyrene particles, expanded perlite, heavy calcium and other special materials. According to the different physical characteristics of each material, different metering and mixing methods are designed to meet the requirements of customers on the quality of mortar.

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