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Ready-mixed mortar production line
Ready-mixed dry mortar production line

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Release Date : 2024-03-06
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Qingdao Huangang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. based on the process characteristics of the current dry mixed mortar production line, combined with domestic and foreign technology and experience accumulation, launched a new automatic energy-saving dry mixed mortar complete set of equipment. The equipment can be combined with dry sand making system or wet sand drying system to produce high quality and high standard dry powder mortar and special mortar. The main building adopts the tower structure, the powder bin is installed on the top of the main building, and the admixture system adopts an independent platform for metering and pumping. The aggregate passes from top to bottom through the metering layer, the mixing layer, the finished product warehouse, the control room, the bulk machine, the packaging machine.

The production line with an annual output of 400,000 tons of ready-mixed mortar can produce the required dry powder mortar in real time after the mortar formulation requirements are confirmed by computer metering precision | and stirred by the mixing machine. Most special mortars can also be manufactured according to the formula. The whole process adopts automatic operation mode.

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