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What are the main configurations of dry mortar equipment?

Release Date : 2023-08-30View : 369times
Qingdao Huangang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. based on the process characteristics of the current dry mixed mortar production line, combined with domestic and foreign technology and experience accumulation, launched a new automatic energy-saving dry mixed mortar complete set of equipment. The equipment can be combined with dry sand making system or wet sand drying system to produce high quality and high standard dry powder mortar and special mortar.

Adaptive range :

Dry powder mortar production line is suitable for dry powder mortar, dry mix mortar, thermal insulation mortar, ready-mixed mortar, admixture, joint pointing agent, interface agent, putty powder, chemical powder, etc., mixing, mixing, measuring and packaging.

Dry mortar production line Main machinery:

1, raw material tank :

Dry mortar complete equipment is used to store cement, fly ash, etc., using pump truck pneumatic feeding, no need to set lifting device. The top of the warehouse is equipped with a dust collector, which can effectively protect the working environment. The pneumatic arch breaking device in the cone can effectively prevent cement and fly ash from forming arch and ensure the smooth metering of spiral proportioning.

2, sand drying device:

Used to dry wet sand grains, the system includes hot blast stove, dryer, screen, dust collector, conveyor, elevator and other equipment

3, dosing device:

It is composed of hopper measuring scale, feeding dragon, discharging device, control system, etc. It can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the quality of dry mortar products.

4, mixer :

The requirements of dry mortar machinery for the mixer are uniform mixing, no dead Angle, high efficiency, wear-resistant equipment, and fast discharge speed. The gravity free mixer is ideal for use in the dry mortar industry.

5, dry powder packaging machine:

There are two kinds of open packing machine and valve packing machine. Dry mortar is used more in the valve pocket packaging machine, the valve pocket packaging does not need to be stitched, as long as one person can operate, but this packaging machine is not suitable for packaging light particle materials. Open packaging can pack various materials, but after bagging, one person is required to assist in sewing the bag.

6, dust collector:

It is used to recover dust in the dry mortar production line, which is conducive to environmental protection. Generally choose pulse bag type dust collector, the dust collector reliable operation, high dust removal efficiency, easy maintenance.

7, conveying and lifting device:

Material conveying methods for dry mortar production line are: horizontal conveying and vertical conveying, horizontal conveying can be used screw conveyor, vertical conveying is generally used bucket elevator.

8, control system

Using computer, PLC control, intuitive operation, accurate control, can automatically correct the error.

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