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Full of vitality and delivery - tower style dry powder (dry mixed) mortar production line delivery

Release Date : 2023-11-04View : 358times

Today is another day when Huangang Heavy Industry is full of vitality in shipping. Today, we are shipping a tower type dry powder (dry mixed) mortar production line. Our company has combined domestic and foreign technology and experience accumulation to launch a new tower type dry mixed mortar complete set of equipment for ordinary dry powder mortar and special mortar.

How can a mortar factory save three to five seconds in one pot, which is amazing in a year? Our company has recently launched a large door unloading method, which can save 3-5 seconds per pot. You can calculate the cost for a year by yourself. Another aspect is that variety switching is relatively easy, as it shortens the switching time. 2. Saves switching waste. You can go back and calculate this fee and cost, pay attention to our Huangang Heavy Industry, so that you can avoid detours on the mortar.

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