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Now it has entered the peak period of installation. Roll up your sleeves and work hard. 32 special mortar production lines are being installed at Fengtai, Dawu, Qingyang, Bengbu, Yixing, Shijiazhuang, Quzhou, Mount Huangshan, Fuzhou, Baise, Deqing, Jiande, Zhangzhou, Guangzhou~~14 construction sites simultaneously! Ensuring safety, installation quality, and construction period is a great reward for customer 


Huangang Heavy Industry always regards product quality and service as the foundation of the company's survival. During the production process, quality is strictly controlled, and important components are made of international brands to ensure the provision of high-quality and reliable equipment to customers. In terms of product service, the interests of customers are our goal, and our service pursues refinement. From pre-sales product consultation and enthusiastic service to technical support during and after sales, we all require precision and refinement.

We have strong technical support, quality assurance, and after-sales service from Huangang Heavy Industries. We have carefully arranged every step to solve your series of worries!

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