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The second special mortar production line of Jieyang customer was shipped yesterday!

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On May Day, the production workshop was bustling with equipment pouring out from the production line. Our order has been arranged until the end of May. During the May Day holiday, workers have given up their vacation and it is important to ensure that customers supply mortar equipment according to the schedule. "Mr. Shen, Deputy General Manager of Huangang Heavy Industry.

Today, the adhesive mortar production line of Huangang Heavy Industry is ready for shipment. This is a customized adhesive mortar production line by the customer, which is composed of a storage system, conveying system, weighing and batching system, mixing system, finished product storage system, packaging system, dust removal system, and electronic control operation system. On the basis of adhering to the stable operation, accurate measurement, and easy operation of traditional dry powder mixing production lines, the top batching method is adopted to reduce material transportation travel, reduce batch production time, and increase production yield

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